Textile Dyes and Auxiliaries

  • Dyes
    • Disperse Dyes
    • Cationic Dyes
    • Acid Dyes
    • Metal Complex Dyes
    • Reactive Dyes
    • Vat Dyes
    • Pigment Pastes and synthetic thickeners
  • Auxiliaries
    • Pre-Treatment Chemicals
    • Dyeing Chemicals
    • Finishing agent
    • Hydrojen peroxide 35%
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Paper Dyes and Auxiliaries

  • Dyes
    • Basic Dyes
  • Auxiliaries
    • Cationic Starch
    • Hydrojen peroxide 50%
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Flame Retardents

Chemical specialities and tailor made solutions such as:
  • special compounds and auxiliaries for textile and carpet industry
  • durable and non durable flame retardants (padding systems)
  • special FR additives for wood, paper, plastic, foam systems, rubber, sealants, paints

These are used in the following fields;
  • Textile industry: upholstery, mattress, carpets, curtains, needlefelt, automotive
  • Foam industry
  • Plastic and polymer industry
  • and paper industry
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